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Tambo – Did you Know?

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Tambo is the oldest town in central western Queensland, originally gazetted in 1864. But that’s not our only claim to fame! Tambo is a town steeped in history and we are well known for punching above our weight (well, size!).

And here’s 10 things you probably don’t know about this little outback town.

  1. Tambo is where QANTAS’ first and only recorded fatal crash occurred. Both the pilot and his two passengers are buried over in the town’s cemetery.
  2. The Tambo district is literally the rooftop of Queensland. Home to the headwaters of 5 different catchment areas! Lake Eyre, Fitzroy River Basin, Murray-Darling River Basin, Burdekin River Basin and Bulloo River Basin.
  3. The mighty Barcoo River has its origins in the Tambo district AND has two of its very own species of fish. The Barcoo River Rainbow Fish and the Barcoo Grunter.
  4. Tambo has some pretty close ‘Royal’ connections. There is at least one Tambo Teddy in three Royal homes, and even more in the homes of dignitaries all around the world.
  5. Who ever heard of racing chickens? Who would have ever thought of racing chickens? Well, Ben did and you can enjoy Chicken Racing from May through to October in Tambo.
  6. Tambo is halfway between Mount Isa and Brisbane, just perfect for an overnighter! Stay over in motel, hotel or camper accommodation and call into one of our two watering holes for a meal and ‘refreshments’.
  7.  The oldest town in the west, we had the first post and telegraph building and the first courthouse. Our courthouse took ten years to build ( 1887 to 1897) and cost £1068. No wonder it’s still standing!
  8. The Tambo dam was built using horse drawn scoops in 1880. The Dam met the town’s needs for a while but the town’s supply was secured when an artesian bore was sunk in 1895. Several bores later, the town still relies on the Great Artesian Basin for its water supply.
  9. Tambo water has a very high iron content, residents have to take care when watering or they can end up with very rusty, orange walls. Great for gardening though, Tambo is well known for its beautiful rose bushes.
  10. The oldest licensed site for a hotel in the west is Tambo’s own Royal Carrangarra Hotel.  The current building was built in 1954 after the pub was burnt down for the third time.

Have you visited Tambo? What did you discover while in town?