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Blackall Sculpture Trail

  • Various Locations, Blackall, QLD

If you like your art alfresco, then you’ll love the Blackall Sculpture Trail.

There’s an incredible sculpture of an Eagle in its Nest made from railway dog spikes, timber and bolts from an old bridge.  Another is called The Roly Poly.  Located just outside of town the Roly Poly is all about fun.  It’s also makes for a great photo on sunset. All up, there are nine unique sculptures along the trail.  Each piece bears some significance to the town’s cultural or natural history.  It’s definitely worth a look.

Explore the locations on the map below, or pick up a map from the Visitor Information Centre.

Jack Howe

Jack Howe became famous in 1892 for shearing 321 sheep with blade shears in 7 hours and 40 minutes at Alice Downs Station near Blackall. This record has never been broken with blade shears. Bodo Muche created this bronze piece of artwork and Blackall was honoured by having the excellent sculpture unveiled by actor and ABC TV personality, John Derum on Monday 10th October, 1988. It was 96 years to the day that Jack has set his blade-shearing record at ‘Alice Downs’. Jack now lays at rest in the Blackall Cemetery, but his memory lives on at the Universal Garden Centre.

Bottle Tree

Whitsunday Sculptor Adriaan Vanderlugt was commissioned by the Blackall Cultural Association to create a piece of public art for the community’s Living Arts Centre. Adriaan created the Bottle Tree Sculpture, which stands over 3 metres high and is a landmark attraction at the Living Arts Centre on the corner of Rose and Hawthorne Streets in Blackall. Adriaan chose material relevant to the region, such as pipes and wheels, which were donated and this allowed local heritage to live in another form that is meaningful to this community.

Edgar Towner

Edgar Towner, solider and grazier, was born on 19 April at Glencoe Station near Blackall, Queensland.
Edgar was commemorated for most conspicuous bravery, initiative and devotion to duty on 1st September 1918, in the attack on Mont St. Quentin, near Peronne (France). Melbourne sculptor William Eicholtz unveiled this statue of Towner in the Memorial Park on ANZAC Day on April 24th 2009.

Wood, Water & Wool

Robert Bridgewater worked with native timbers to create a unique piece of artwork to represent Wood, Water and Wool to honour the historic Blackall Woolscour’s centenary in 2008. “I wanted it to look like altar carvings and it’s horizontal to give the idea of a landscape as well” Robert said.


LifeSpan was made predominately from recycled bore casing by Fredrick White.
This piece of artwork represents life in general; paths that sometimes converge or momentarily cross over, then towards the end of life, like the beginning, level out to a new time for experiencing.

The Eagle & Nest

Richard Moffat buried himself in railway dog spikes and scrap metal as he built a Wedge Tail Eagle and its nest, which was built with a focus on community and its connection to the Barcoo River. Timber and bolts from the old bridge which had spanned the Barcoo River, help the eagle maintain its vigil over Blackall and the Barcoo River. “The nest is a home and a place to raise a family, which is another representation of what Blackall feels like to me.” said Richard.

Circle of Friends

Richard Moffat, along with his other works of art, created the Circle of Friends. This is located in the median strip opposite GDL which sometimes can be missed as it fits into our landscape perfectly. This unique sculpture represents the feeling of the community being a family.

Roly Poly

The Roly Poly is another form of creativity by the artist Richard Moffat, his concept behind this was all about having fun. As you can see, he portrayed this quite well and in its location just outside of town is in a great spot for a photo opportunity.