Visit Blackall-Tambo

The Black Stump

  • 30 Thistle St, Blackall QLD 4472

Anything west of here “is beyond the Black Stump”

Anything west of Blackall is considered ‘beyond the Black Stump”, in reference to the early surveying of the western regions. Nestled on Thistle Street behind the Blackall State School is a petrified wood memorial stump erected in 1988 to commemorate of the bi-centennial of Australia and given a facelift in 2018 for the Blackall 150 year celebratory event.

The site represents the observation used when surveying was done to gain a more accurate basis for maps of Queensland, back in 1888. The surveyors used the stump for the placement of their transit to gain latitude and longitude observations. As time passed any country to the west of Blackall was considered to be ‘beyond the Black Stump’. While in town, visit Navena Homestead at Ram Park to see the original transit that was placed on the original Black Stump.

Location: Blackall