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Ram Park

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  • 145A Shamrock St, Blackall, QLD 4472

A visit to Ram Park is a must when visiting Blackall.

Under the watchful eye of the big ram, Ram Park is a collection of old buildings filled with displays and stories that bring Blackall’s colourful history to life, preserving it for future generations.

Ram Park is an historical complex located in the main street of Blackall which hosts a number of relocated buildings, important to the region, including Navena Homestead, Yalleroi Railway Station and the Yalleroi School.

Take a step back in time and visit the Navena Homestead complete with personal objects used by the McLean family during the operation of their extensive property. Relocating buildings is a long established Queensland tradition. In the 1900’s, the McLean family relocated the homestead in four parts from Mount Morgan to Blackall by bullock wagon over a distance of 615 kilometres. It was relocated again to the museum complex in the 1990’s.

You can also see the Blackall Queensland Ambulance Transport Brigade rail motor, a rare survivor from Queensland Ambulance history. Originally built in 1923 it was used effectively when roads were closed due to flooding.

Displayed at the front of the complex is the Big Ram from whom the complex takes its name. It symbolises the importance of the sheep and wool industry for the development of Blackall and surrounding regions.

Visitors can wander through the station homestead and gain a feel of a life gone by or visit the Yalleroi school house to take in a lesson or two.

Strolling through the grounds visitors can visualise how the pioneers tried to tame the outback using an array of machinery. Top off the day by joining Stewie, a former stockman for a tour of the park complete with demonstrations of bush craft and his stockmanship skills.


Location: Blackall