Visit Blackall-Tambo

Perry Bros Circus Elephant

  • Banks Park, Blackall 4472


A recently discovered fact is that Blackall is the birthplace of the Perry Bros Circus, the first circus to circumnavigate Australia and effectively kickstart the nation’s circus industry!

‘Jumbo’, the elephant is on display in Blackall’s Banks Park and ready for a special photo opportunity. Relive the feeling of the fun and magic of Circus.

Kindly donated by Bob Perry, descendent of the circus troupe that carved their name into history when they formed way back in the 1860s.

The story began with a young Blackall girl’s dream, 12-year-old Mary Ellen made history with one small decision to run away and join the circus. Mary-Ellen lived a full life on the road and later became known as ‘Grand Old Lady of the Circus’.

The dream of running away to join the circus holds a special place in the hearts of many people, even today.

Location: Blackall