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Labor Federation Memorial

  • Short St, Blackall, QLD 4472

Located in Short Street the Australian Labor Federation Memorial commemorates the first meeting of the first shearers’ union, which later became the Australian Labor Party, following the first shearers’ strike in December 1886.

Despite its title the Australian Labour Federation (A.L.F.) remained, despite the brief affiliation of the Sydney Trades and Labour Council in the mid-1890s, a distinctly Queensland body. It was established in June 1889 following the dissolution of the Brisbane Trades and Labour Council, and promptly sought to bring all Queensland workers under its umbrella.

The union’s principal strength lay among the shearers and other pastoral workers of Central Queensland, and the miners of North Queensland (principally those at Charters Towers). At its first general congress, held in Brisbane in August 1890, the decision was made to establish a Labour Party. In December 1890 the A.L.F.’s executive met in Blackall to draw up plans for a proper organisational structure for the Labour Party.

This group later became the Australian Labor Party.

Location: Blackall