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Idalia National park

Idalia National Park is 113km south-west of Blackall in the Gowan Ranges. The roads are unsealed making access to Idalia suitable for four-wheel-drive only. 

To get there you take the Isisford Road from Blackall for 42km then turn left into the Yaraka Road. At the Benlidi siding, turn left and follow the ldalia-Benlidi Road for about 34km to the park boundary. 

Once there, you can explore the gorges and rock formations of Idalia’s Gowan Range tablelands. As you emerge from the dense mulga, catch surprise views of rugged escarpments, home to yellow-footed rock-wallabies. Bushwalking along tracks through the rugged, rocky gorges and tablelands at different times of day allows you to discover Idalia at its best.

Camping is permitted at Monks Tank, from there you can explore all the Park has to offer, bird-watching, bush walking, scenic driving and watching spotting.

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Location: Blackall