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Blackall Cemetery

  • Cemetery, Blackall QLD 4472, Australia
  • (07) 4657 4637

Graves in the Blackall Cemetery date back to the late 1880 and included are the grave sites of legendary shearer Jack Howe and local heroes Roy Dunne and Annie (Granny) Harlow.

Jack Howe set two shearing records at Alice Downs, Blackall in 1892, his record for blade shears of 321 sheep shorn in 7 hours 40 minutes has never been broken. Roy Dunne set a world record when astride his goat Nugget when they leaped over a 3 foot 6 inch jump in 1905.

Whilst Annie (Granny) Harlow was Blackall’s midwife for many years and is a registered Unsung Hero at the Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame and Outback Heritage Centre in Longreach.

Blackall Cemetery is a peaceful place to visit and discover more of Blackall’s pioneering history.

Location: Blackall