Stay another Day in Blackall-Tambo

Blackall Main Street

The roads are open within Queensland and you’re invited to come and visit us in the Blackall-Tambo region. So pack up your caravan, tent or book a motel room and come and join us! There’s no rush out here so why not Stay another Day?

While you’re here the top must dos include:

  1. Getting back to nature – camp in one of our free river camps. Stubby Bend in Tambo or the Barcoo River Camp in Blackall.

Stubby Bend Tambo

2. Take a day trip out to a National Park. Park your van up in Tambo and head out the Wilderness Way and pop into Salvatore Rosa National Park.   Out from Blackall you can head out to Idalia National Park  and go bush walking, bird watching or take a scenic drive. You might want to pack your tent for an overnight-er.

Tambo's Wilderness Way

3.  Rest, revive and relax at Blackall’s Aquatic Centre. The new 20-seat Spa is a popular spot for a soak in the soothing mineral waters. You won’t want to leave!

Spa at Blackall Aquatic Centre

4. Art is for everyone! Cruise around and enjoy the Blackall Sculptural Trail and pop into the Grassland Art Gallery in Tambo. There are many artworks around town that aren’t listed – how many can you spot?

Blackall Sculptural Trail

5. Discover the weird, wonderful and quirky history of each town. Tambo  is the site of of the only Qantas crash site, a dubious claim to fame! While Blackall has a myriad of weird and wonderful stories to tell.  Did you know – the famous family of W G Perry started their circus from Northampton Downs in outback Queensland in 1885!

Qantas crash site in Tambo

6. Take your time! Wander up and down our attractive main streets, pop into our local cafes and coffee shops , and enjoy a chat with a friendly local. Nothing is too far away in our little towns, so why not Stay another Day and enjoy all we have to offer.

Here’s your invitation!